Which University is better for Music Education?

<p>I am gonna transfer next year and now i wanna do a research to see which university has a better Music Education programe~ I heard about Cal State FUllerton and Cal state Northfridge have really good music programme~ and USC too~ But i really don't know which one is the best ~ Can someone give me some suggestion please ~ ^_^ ~ thanks a lot~</p>

<p>cal state nothing.</p>

<p>apply to ucla or (b)julliard.(/b)</p>

<p>I disagree...the Cal State system is an EXCELLENT general education proponent (51 units, as opposed to the 45 standard in the nation). Furthermore, it is MUCH more reasonable financially-speaking than either UCLA (not terribly impressed with this school - used to be a power-house, but not as much now) or Julliard (okay, no complaints here except for the admission rates and the tuition prices).</p>

<p>Just my two cents,</p>


<p>For music education, however, I would suggest USC. Excellent music program, but very expensive.</p>

<p>Another consideration (if you are in the So. Cal. area) is Chapman University - an excellent music program, as well.</p>


<p>oh thanks Guys~~i am thinking about USC too~ but UCLA is for piano performance~ no Music Ed~ but i wanna know about Cal State Fullerton and Northfridge~</p>

<p>I don't know anything about cal state, but I do know that if you are serious about music, you should try to get into Julliard. I know it's probably THE best musical performance and theory school in the world, but if it's what you wanna study music, you should at least give it a shot, else you might regret it.</p>

<p>That is GREAT advice, micceli. thanks!</p>


<p>Top music schools IMO....</p>

<p>Curtis Institute of Music
University of Rochester
Indiana University - Bloomington
Oberlin Conservatory of Music
New England Conservatory of Music
Manhattan School of Music
U Michigan
Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>Great list! These are the powerhouse music schools. Julliard, New England Conservatory, Indiana, and Curtis should be at the top of your list. However, certain universities also have EXTREMELY good music programs. The Northeast is a great place to start looking. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Rochester...</p>