Which University will CC's Sweetheart Choose?

<p>Jane, if Berkeley admitted you in the fall, would it be this hard?</p>

<p>hi oOracle :)</p>

<p>if Berkeley admitted me in the fall...it would have been an easier decision, for sure.</p>

<p>Hey Jane,</p>

<p>I think you already know where to go =) I literally cracked my head open for the past week and I haven't been to either campus. I really think this is worse than the wait for 30/4...</p>

<p>you should really visit both campuses, they are beautiful and each has its own vibe. for me..at least...it didnt help...hahaha.
you have to really imagine yourself there...again its bad news if you can imagine yourself at both.
maybe you will instantly love one campus more than the other.. who knows?</p>

<p>where do you live?</p>

<p>Don't waste a semester--just go to UCLA</p>

<p>haha...I'm in South East Asia right now so I can't do any visiting. I took a quarter off at my ccc before transfer so I am not going back to the States until school starts again...</p>

<p>oooo oOracle that is really far!!! hahahaha
congrats on getting accepted, i have heard how difficult it is for OS students to get accepted to both universities.
you are amazing.</p>

<p>have you tried the virtual tours? both offer some sort of virtual tour...
tell me which one appeals to you most?</p>

<p>No I wasn't aware they existed haha...too busy drawing comparison tables on the pros and cons of each...but I'm leaning towards B as of now.</p>

<p>no CSU sanislauis?</p>

UC</a> Berkeley Online Tour
Self</a> Guided Tour - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
Photograph</a> Tour - UCLA Undergraduate Admissions</p>

<p>xelink- no..lol.</p>

<p>I voted Berkeley! Awesome weather, awesome food, awesome location, awesome badminton club! You just can't beat it!</p>

<p>thnx emOkid for your input...youre a good kid.

<p>Hahahaha, that is definitely debatable! Or sarcastic! But either way thank you! And good luck in your decision making! You really can not go wrong either way!</p>

<p>nah not being sarcastic this time. :)</p>

<p>Haha, fair enough! Just had to be sure!</p>

<p>@ jane: You can still take classes at Berkeley in the fall through Extension. I've been e-mailing my advisor, and she says that as long as I'm enrolled at a CCC, I can take up to 18 units at Berkeley in the fall. Basically it'll be like going to school there lol, I just won't be a "UCB student" until the spring. I'll be living there in the summer and fall. </p>

<p>I figure that there's really no difference. I should be able to take what I want/need for my majors and also have the experience of being at Berkeley and assimilating with the students and natives. </p>

<p>Alas, I can see us now! We'd give prophetic speeches on budget cuts at school hearings, get involved with various leadership activities and roles, and hit some suave lounges and attend open poetry nights downtown. haha and we'd have time for all of these things in the fall as we don't have to be full-time students!</p>

<p>I'm starting to think that spring isn't half-bad after all :p.</p>

<p>Oh btw I'm totally not trying to influence your decision in any way ;p.</p>

<p>1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...U... C... L... A... UCLA Fight, Fight, Fight!</p>

<p>8 Clap, FTW!</p>

<p>"Is that the loooosing team?"</p>

<p>"Yes that's the looooooooosing team!" haha</p>

<p>Never gets old.</p>

<p>jane, go to LA so i can visit you</p>

<p>jane bump LA go to CAL its a happy place with happy people and if thats not enough allow me to show you some videos that will help u make up ur mind</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - DeCadence - Kokomo (aka Berkeley)
Berkeley is great <3</p>

<p>and it awakens emotions in people that they've never felt</p>

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<p>you'll make the right decision :P</p>