Which would look better: APUSH and APAH or APUSH and APES?

<p>ap us history and ap art history</p>

<p>or </p>

<p>ap us history and ap environmental science</p>

<p>depends on what you want to do…</p>

<p>AP Art History all the way. APES is such a joke of a test. My friend used our knowledge from our (semi-mediocre) AP Biology class and we read a little of the 5 steps to a 5 the night before the test, and he got a 5 and I got a 3. It’s so so simple, you should do all three.</p>

<p>APAH is challenging though in my opinion. It has a very broad curriculum and if you choose it, take it at a school. I don’t think it’s one to self study at all. But it’s a good class and makes you a more well rounded person.</p>