Which would they take

<p>would a school like mercersburg or episcopal take which one
80 % ssat
good ecs
great interview
needs 1/4 quater of FA taken off so coud pay up to 30,000</p>

<p>or a full pay applicant with a >70 score
and not that great but alright stats</p>

<p>who do you think they would take?</p>

<p>im confused arent u at exeter?
Well just to answer ur question, I would take the guy u listed above, because those schools have strong FA programs, and theyd rather have a well rounded guy then a full payer</p>

<p>my little brother is applying to some second tier schools and sometimes he gets on my account and i let him make chance threads
hes applying for his freshman year at episcopal and mercersburg</p>

<p>lax- es dos hermanos- two brothers 1 account</p>

<p>es dos hermanos i like it
so whats your opinion rad-plaid</p>

<p>i agree jyun212. They just don't want someone who can pay the tuition, but someone who well rounded in all the areas</p>

<p>bump bump 10char</p>

<p>the well rounder.</p>