Which Would You Choose If...

<p>Okay, I thought to ease the stress we could do something fun. It would be a chain. The first person (me) will give 2 or 3 choices of boarding schools that if you got in all, which would you chose? After the first person has answered, that choice is gone and that person makes up a new set of choices.</p>

<p>READY, SET, GO!!!!</p>

<p>If you could choose--
Hotchkiss or St. Paul's</p>

<p>St. Paul's</p>

<p>If you could choose--
Exeter or Andover</p>

<p>Exeter (I like campus better)</p>

<p>Deerfield or Hotchkiss</p>

<p>Hotchkiss, debate owns</p>

<p>Eton or Exeter?</p>

<p>Exeter, only because I'm a girl.</p>

<p>Exeter (thingslost, you're supposed to make another set of choices). After all the research I've done and places I've visited, Exeter is still by far at the top of my life.</p>

<p>le Rosey or Eton?</p>

<p>Le Rosey. Same-gender schools that aren't for my gender don't really fit my preference, tyvm. :D</p>

Groton or Choate?</p>

<p>Groton...much, much better maintained facilities, and prettier too</p>

<p>Peddie or Lawrenceville?</p>

<p>Lawrenceville! Only because I don't know much about Peddie.. (& it sounds a bit like pedicure. not that that's a bad thing, haha)</p>

<p>Loomis or Milton?</p>

<p>Loomis, not too familiar with either but have heard bad things about Milton</p>

<p>Deerfield or Choate?</p>

<p>Oh!! I get it.
Milton. Because it's near Boston, and I don't know much about Loomis.</p>

<p>Andover or Le Rosey?</p>

<p>grr... okay. Deerfield.
Andover or Le Rosey?</p>

<p>Andover...I like the US thankyouverymuch :)</p>

<p>Middlesex or Choate?</p>

<p>Deerfield. US really? Me too. :D</p>

<p>Exeter or Andover</p>

Exeter, idk why, just liked it better</p>

<p>Middlesex or Choate</p>

<p>Exeter. Reasons stated above.</p>

<p>Choate or SPS.</p>

<p>Choate. Sorry, my internet wasn't loading.</p>

<p>We're like the only two people in the same time zone. :(</p>

<p>(remember what you're supposed to do?)</p>

<p>Nas is from newjersey , in my time zone. Its 12 right now.</p>

<p>But ya SPS</p>

<p>NHM or Kent</p>


<p>SPS or Groton?
(I'm in PST too! yay west coast..well, hopefully not for long.)</p>