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Is NYU Stern at the same level as Kellogs school at Northwestern or Hass at UCB?

Kellogg does not have an undergraduate program. Stern and Haas are at the same level.

Financially, as an out-of-state applicant, you would pat ticket oeice to UCB. NYU is not known for generous aid.

Also NYU Stern had direct entry while Haas has students apply for admission during sophomore/junior year

so how do you pursue business at NU. i’m aware that there are certificate courses, how prestigious are they as compared to a business major at nYU

A certificate is much much much inferior to a degree.

If a student wants an undergraduate business degree, they go to a college that offers one.

If you take some time and look at the websites of the three schools all of this information is readily available. You can also read up on the curriculum offered by each college, the acceptance rate for Haas (once you are a Berkeley student) and a great deal more. I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research in this process.

Also please stop posting the same basic question multiple times. Your last two posts have been merged.

I want to study business- open to finance, management or any field in it. Should i ED Stern or Northwesten. Any other suggestions?