White dudes at MITES


<p>I was reading the MIT MITES application and they explicitly state that the program is for "african, native, and indian americans". however, some guy was posting about how there were white dudes at MITES. is it strictly a racial thing? my family immigrated from a soviet satellite country and i fluently speak the language and thats my culture. i lived in a "ghetto" school, but recently relocated to a school that was normal. my family makes upwards of that 50k tickmark on the application.</p>

<p>am i a "white dude" in terms of skin color (that i am, but is that what defines a "white dude") or whatever they're looking at, or should i try applying? im just afraid the teachers will laugh at me when they see the application. our school has NO minorities (hick town) and we send 90%+ of kids off to college. minority or not?</p>

<p>From the south of Africa?...</p>

<p>If you look at the pictures in the MITES website, 95% of them are clearly minorities (meaning African American, Latino, Etc). You can see a couple of white people. I heard that MIT need to include whites because its a law. If you're white, you better have some awesome stats to be accepted.</p>

<p>"i lived in a "ghetto" school, but recently relocated to a school that was normal."</p>

<p>you lived in your school? and how do you define "normal"?</p>

<p>but to answer your question, if you're ethnically european, i assume you would qualify as a "white dude." but why not apply to mites? the worst they can do is say no...</p>

<p>I would still apply. I'm an '07 MITES alum and there were a few white ppl there. It never hurts to apply, but be sure to mention your families immigration.</p>