White Hall??

<p>I just got my package and I'm in white hall on the 5th floor.</p>

<p>the room type says it's a single and no other roomate is listed, but it says room capacity is two. So I guess that means I'll be living by myself with one extra bed??</p>

<p>Anyways what's white hall like?? What are some of the pros and cons?? Are all the bed lofted even it's not an economy?? if so can I unloft them?? What are the bathrooms like?? laundry?? Is it way too noisy becasue it's right near huntington avenue, and there are a lot of freshman??</p>

<p>Any other info would be really helpful
thankss =]]</p>

<p>i was on this site looking for the same answers...im also in white hall for 09/10 also on hte 5th floor...and i have noo idea what im in for :p</p>

<p>White hall is like alice in wonderland but with as many people as they can fit in there... Haha, its not that bad, by alice in wonderland I mean it is really colorful (which is nice, the stetsons seemed like a prison to me), but there are a lot of people in it. Its probably the best dorm to meet people, though every dorm offers that, White houses the most freshman thats why. Other than that I dono what to tell you. If you are in a forced triple they are very small as are most triples at neu, but still manageable. I didn't live there but visited it a few times. Not a bad building but its not west village F or parcel 18... Its a good place to live</p>

<p>I highly doubt you would be in a double by yourself. Not sure why you aren't seeing a roommate but with forced triples they are not going to let space sit empty in a freshman dorm.</p>

<p>yeahh thats what I thought but I'm paying for a single and it's much more than a double.</p>

<p>If it says you're paying for a single, that's probably what the room is... if you're paying for a double then they probably haven't assigned another roommate yet.</p>

<p>Most people like white hall, even though it's pretty crowded. It's a great dorm for meeting people, and it's a really good location.</p>

<p>hi! i'm in white hall, 5th floor, 09/10 too! i'm glad to hear white hall is decent (although the outside looked nice)</p>