White House Internship Spring 2021

Ok where are we at

Hi nice to meet you,
First time applicant here!

Also look in this subforum https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/internships-careers-employment/

Round two for me.

First timer here, pretty excited for the process!

How does this program work? This is new to me, and I’ll do some googling as I have many questions, but do they provide housing? My DC live and go to school in NJ, so is this for DC-area students only (esp since I see Spring and Fall internships, in addition to summer internships)?

no they don’t provide housing. I read past threads prior to starting this one and it looks like you’re own your own if you get in

Does anyone know how many people apply and how many people get it?

I’d guess 1000s. Its exciting to think about!

How’s every one doing? I know its early but any news?

No news yet

Heard some interviews started happening, so just wanted to see how things are going?

I didn’t get an interview. Has anyone else?

If I don’t get an interview, does that mean I’m automatically out

No, I don’t believe so. As far as I understand, every department works differently, and many don’t even conduct interviews. Someone reached out from a department I didn’t even apply to, and they asked basic questions about my qualifications, policies I’m interested in, etc.

@Obumpet Hey! Obumpet, what are your stats? School? Major? Experience etc.

Congrats on the interview!

Also, what was the form of your interview? Did the call, email, schedule over Zoom?

Hey, so I don’t want to give too specific details on the forum, but you’re welcome to reach out to me privately!

I go to an Ivy, studying a kind of Political Science degree, 3.9 GPA, and am working as a director on a congressional campaign right now.

They emailed me and scheduled a phone call the next day, only lasted about 20 minutes.

this thread sucks. is there another one? there aren’t as many people on here as there were on the previous ones

@Obumpet I can’t PM yet: not a junior member. But your info was pretty much what I was curious about. Wondering if interviews have anything to do with when application was submitted?

How close to the deadline did you submit? I submitted pretty late.

Any updates? This thread is way quieter than all the previous ones. I’m hoping that means not a lot of people are applying?