white-out on application?

<p>I made a mistake on the application, and because my printer doesn't print in well quality (crooked page, bizarre words), I can't print another application. Is it okay if I can use the white-out? I know this is a silly question.</p>

<p>Sure, you can, as long as it's reasonably neat.</p>

<p>Last year, while applying to colleges, I used white out on my applications. I doubt that it had an affect on my decision negatively because I was excepted by every school I applied to. Using white out is not look bad for your application.</p>

<p>what about scratching stuff out with pen?</p>

<p>^^^not at all</p>

<p>ok course it does.</p>

<p>huh? is that a "bad" or "it'll be ok?"</p>

<p>white out, don't scratch out</p>

<p>damnit.. oh well, i'll fill it out again</p>

<p>no u dont want to scratch out. u want to retype it or white it out.</p>

<p>I always just reprinted the page if I made a mistake.</p>

<p>For my applications to Cornell, Dartmouth, and Bowdoin, I used white out. On my application to the University of Virginia, I didn't white out. I know I made a scratches out on it, yet I was still accepted. As long as the scratch outs aren't completely horrendous, I doubt they'll have such an impact on your application. Scratch outs just show that you're human, and you made an error.</p>

<p>i did it like 10 times.. ill just start over</p>