Whitman at syracuse

hi guys, i got into syracuse whitman school of management! i was wondering how reputable their business school is and if i should attend with a concentration in finance?

Congratulations on your acceptance. My son is a currently a sophomore engineering student at ‘Cuse and we know students at Whitman. The school is respected and has a very good reputation. They also offer some good joint programs with Newhouse and Maxwell schools on campus.

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thank you sm! the only downside for me is the costs

Have you received the financial aid award yet? They were generous with grants for my son which caught me by surprised. CSS Profile provides schools with a better financial picture than FAFSA alone.

i’m not eligible for any aid and i didn’t receive any merit. rip

Whitman is a highly ranked business school. Good placement after graduation. My brother is triple majoring there now and one major is finance along with accounting and real estate. I myself just got accepted for accounting. As far as aid my brother received a very generous scholarship and merit grants. I did not receive any scholarship and had a better gpa and stats than he did. This year Whitman had a 38 percent increase in applications. So changes for scholarships are very hard to get. If you can afford it it is a investment that shld pay off in the long run. I am still deciding on my decision. I Have gotten into many other good schools all with scholarships. Good luck on your decision