Whitman College Class of 2023

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Did anyone else get the email?

What did the email say?

Here it is:

Whitman College’s Admission Committee has been working day and night to review and discuss all the Regular Decision applications we have received. We want to take a moment away from our deliberations to provide additional details about when your admission decision will be released and how you will be able to view your decision.

We plan to release admission decisions online via the applicant portal at 3:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, February 28. In order to log in to the applicant portal, please click here and enter your password. If you do not remember your password, click “Forgot Your Password.”

If you have trouble accessing your applicant portal, please call our office at 509-527-5176 during business hours or send us an email at admission@whitman.edu - we are happy to assist you.

Best of luck,
Whitman College Office of Admission

Yes that was it

Has anyone heard back about merit Art/Debate/Music scholarships?

My daughter got a “thank you for your wonderful audition” email from music director, but nothing about money. She is not a music major/minor, so we were wondering if the quality of her audition did not qualify her for one of the non major/minor scholarships. I guess we will find out soon!

Yes. Son received same email yesterday.

Yes, I got it too. So soon!!

Does anyone know if financial aid will be coming out as well?

I just got in! But my financial/merit aid package is absolutely unaffordable unfortunately.

Accepted with a 25K merit scholarship :slight_smile:

What was your scholarship called? My daughters is “Whitman acheivement scholarship” plus a raise me scholarship that adds up to about 25k. Just curious if going the Raise Me route hurt her chances getting a scholarship with other benefits??

Achievement scholarship @2023coloradokid

Whoa I just learned about Raise Me… how much money did you get from that program @2023coloradokid ?

I got in with about $40,000 in total aid. Does anyone know if you find out about Garret Sherwood offers with your initial email, or if it’s through snail mail?

About 11000 but I’m wondering if it ends up being “one or the other” and we would have gotten the same total regardless.

4.0 unweighted, 1570 SAT, 8 AP’s with a score of 5; varsity athlete, plus tons of leadership and community service - 25k total merit (very nice and we’re grateful) but no Garret Sherwood scholarship. She was hoping to be in the running for that. So I was wondering if the “raise me” route hurt her chances at the “big prize.” Oh well, probably never know for sure! Congrats to everyone.

My son got in! No merit money unfortunately but a yes is a yes! Congrats to all!!

I was hoping for the Garrett Sherwood as well. Maybe they send out interview invites later?

My daughter got in, too. 3.4 GPA, 1290 SAT. Strong extracurriculars. No merit, none expected with her stats.