Whitman College Class of 2024

Still kinda early for RD - did anyone apply ED? I think regular decision will be announced around March 1, IIRC from reading old threads. Anyone get in from ED round?

I applied ED2. Just recieved an email saying the decisions will be released on 16 jan at 3:00 pm.

Good luck, @georgejogi2002 ! Please come back and let us know your results - will be sending you good vibes tomorrow. I applied RD so will have a while to wait.

Apps getting released in 19 minutes :wink:

Well @llamaa ? You just can’t leave us hanging like that! @georgejogi2002 did you hear?

Got rejected

Oh noooooo @georgejogi2002 . I am so sorry. :frowning:

International student
4.0 UW GPA
1370 SAT
Lots Of ECs
2 international research publication
Presented in 4 international seminars( IISc Banglore, NTU Singapore, NYU)
1 international competition (GENIUS Olympiad NY)
2 national level awards (research, KVPY)
7 state level awards (Debate, speech, versification, group song, table tennis, etc)
Great recommendations
EFC : 10K

Your stats are incredible @georgejogi2002 - the only thing I can think is that Whitman is such a small college with only about 450 freshmen that they must be super selective. So bummed for you. Did you apply anywhere else?

Yup. St Olaf, skidmore, lafayette, oberlin and few safety schools

I got in, though George should have gotten in, he seems like an excellent applicant with places to go!

Congratulations, @Llamaa ! It’s a wonderful school. Do you plan to attend?

I think so, I just need to work with the financial aid before accept :slight_smile: Have you applied yet?

Yes I have, @Llamaa - but I applied RD so I have a while to wait. Can I ask you to share your stats and your planned major?

I’m planning on majoring in mathematics. I wish you good luck on your application. Here are ze stats:

3.73 UW GPA w/ all honors based classes
1280 SAT
700 SAT Math Level II Subject Test
Various extracurriculars
2 recs
2 classes taken at college (Calc.1,Calc.2, Discrete Structures (in progress))

Good luck all! Admissions says RD will probably come out in late February.

That’s great news, @a2cissuperior - thank you for sharing!

@Orcus2020 no prob!

@a2cissuperior looks like the portal has changed slightly - now it says “Application completed - decision pending” in red. Did you also apply RD?

Good luck to everyone!
3.6 GPA
25 ACT
President of Writers Club
Yearbook Editor
Production manager