Whitman ED Results Fall 2022 - Class of 2022

Whitman has announced that ED results will be released on Wednesday, December 15th at 3 PST. Here’s your plan to connect with other applicants!


When will RD results be released?

Their CDS says March 1st, so I think we’ll get them around the last few days of Feb or first few days of May.

Anyone know when they were released last year?

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I believe they came out on or around the 25th of Feb.

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On 2021 they released on 25 Feb
On 2020 I believe it was 1 March
On 2019 it was on 24 March
So, I think February last it is!!!

What do you mean by CDS? Is that the portal or something?

Common data set. This includes information about the total no of applicants, admitted, and enrolled. You can also see most of the data you’d like to see. e.g. Gender, Religion, Ethnicity of the enrolled students.

My daughter just received an email saying results will be posted at 3:00 on March 3.

I also got a same email!

I didn’t get the email. I also didn’t get my portal credentials after applying so I’m wondering if I’ve been sent to some kind of spam list?

Did get into the portal after a long long struggle, but I am wondered what not getting an email means

Try forget password on Login

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Good luck, everyone! My D20 is at Whitman and loves it.


Hey, Is there a portal change in your application portal? I don’t have any as of now, let’s share if there seems any :slight_smile:

And also does receiving email mean anything? lmao. At this point, I want to believe every generic thing as a sign.

I’m happy to hear this. I hope I get in too :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s really great! I hope I get in!!!

No change. And sure! Are you a domestic applicant?

No, an international applicant :sneezing_face:
edit: what about you?

I received the email yesterday (results emailed at 3:00pm 3/3) but my friend who also applied and is current on all communications did not. Does this mean something? The wait is going to be hard, Whitman is my first choice.

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Yep! That is how I got the credentials. Thank you though!

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