Whitman vs Conn College

after doing some research, these 2 colleges really stand out to me because they seem like very welcoming campuses, very green and students seem really happy/included at both schools. it’s sad that I won’t get a chance to visit both before applying.

I’m planning to major in econ/international relations and hope to either go into investment banking/consulting or be a journalist/writer and also hope to find a job right after grad instead of going to grad school.

I’m also from a low income family so I hope to go to a college where it’s not overly preppy and has an accepting and welcoming community.

which college would you recommend more and which college is more well-regarded? if you’ve been to both or either campuses what was the vibe like?

any info would help because I hope to apply to ED to one of them. thank you so much.

These sure are two completely opposite campuses and locations - although both lovely in their own way.

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…not to mention campus cultures…


ah okay, im sorry im doing all my research online so i think i got it wrong then. can i know how their campus cultures are different? thank you :slight_smile:

yes definitely - can i know what your opinions are on each college and what would you say are “lovely” attributes about them? thank you so much!

LOL- I looked for and found a piece I wrote here about Connecticut College in March of 2018. Here it is:

“Do you like small northeastern liberal arts colleges?

There is a superb one that is surprisingly often overlooked on these forums.

Do you want to attend a school that is a member of the prestigious NESCAC, yet has the highest admissions rate of any of its member colleges at 40%? That’s Connecticut College!

Do you want a college with a renowned theatre and dance program, with a lot of artsy students, and also LGBTQ+ folks, like Vassar? Conn Coll has ‘em!

Do you want a college with a good athletic program and a lot of jocks and preps, like Colby? Conn Coll has ‘em!

Do you want a college where a student honor code is at the center of the student experience, like Haverford? Conn Coll has it!

Do you want a fraternity-free existence, like at the Maine LACs? No fraternities at Conn Coll!

Do you want a college that has the breathtaking beauty of a rural LAC? Yet is in a suburban/ small city area with lots of amenities close at hand? And is within about two hours of two major cities (NYC and Boston)? Check out Connecticut College, with its vistas of the water of the Long Island Sound, its arboretum on campus, its gigantic grassy quad surrounded by beautiful buildings. And it is in the small city of New London (near the ferry), and a short drive from the beach and from the charms of the touristy village of Mystic and the museums: historic Mystic Seaport, Mystic Aquarium, the Pequot museum of Native American history (staffed by tribe member docents who talk to you about their experiences), two casinos, etc.

Did you know that Connecticut College has a superb school-to-career program where every single student who attends a series of workshops receives money to support him/her during a summer internship?

There is no supplemental essay!

There is no application fee!

It is the easiest application in the world!

I can’t imagine why anyone who is applying to small northeastern liberal arts colleges like Williams, Vassar, Hamilton, and Bates would NOT apply to Connecticut College!

P.S. I have no connection to Connecticut College. My son withdrew his application to Connecticut College after getting into another college early decision. No one in my family went to college there, and no one in my family works there. This post is purely a “public service announcement” for applicants!”