Whitman vs St. Olaf

Oh wow, that’s crazy! Were they able to visit Pomona before? We’re in Los Angeles so toured pre-covid but DS wanted to leave CA. Congrats to them!

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No, we weren’t able to tour Pomona. We did tour Whitman, which is very similar demographically to where we live, even looks pretty similar. Your student will love the Northwest. It’s awesome! Twins got such a huge scholarship to Pomona, and it will allow them to reserve their entire outside scholarship for grad school, if the choose that. Their in for a culture shock, coming from rural Idaho. But they are very excited!


Hi there! My D is considering all the same colleges and I wanted to see if you could update us on how they liked their first semester at Pomona? My daughter is leaning more towards St Olaf and Whitman but we also toured Pomona and she liked it a lot. Problem with Pomona is we won’t qualify for need based so it’s so pricey. I’d love to hear how it’s going.

My girls really have loved Pomona so far. The things they like best— classes were very interesting and learned a lot(neither has a major decided so this was relieving as they are taking all intro level required general Ed classes), housing has been great, they appreciate the student population (very diverse, very smart kids but not so competitive like some top college atmospheres), LOVE So Cal!!! My rural, fairly cautious kids have enjoyed heading to LA several times already or the ocean— weather is awesome, so much to do if you’re willing to Uber or zip car, and future internships close to LA will be great!

For them, compared to Whitman and St Olaf, the COA was much lower due to Pomona meeting 100% demonstrated need vs Whitman and St Olaf meeting more like 90%, but Pomona doesn’t have any merit scholarships which Whitman and St Olaf both provided. St Olaf was much more generous to my girls than Whitman, even after trying to negotiate.

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