Whitman's Division III Women's Basketball team wins again!

<p>The Whitman women's basketball team is going to the Final Four of the Division III NCAA championships! It was a big night at the Sherwood Center on the Whitman campus last night as students and faculty delayed their spring break plans to stay and watch the Missionaries soundly defeat the previously undefeated team from Thomas Moore College. They'll play the U of Wisconsin- Whitewater, in Steven's Point, Wisconsin on March 21st. You know the cheer: Missionaries! Missionaries! We're on top! Go Missionaries!</p>

<p>It was a bummer that the dorms closed and the charter buses took off too early for many students to stay around for the game.</p>

<p>On the other hand, it was nice that the game was streamed live.</p>

<p>KnearSeattle, I’m sorry to hear the students living in the dorms missed out. My son and his friends delayed their spring break exits so they could stay for the game, but they live off campus and have cars, so it was an option for them. Too bad the school couldn’t reorder things, but I imagine there are too many moving parts to attend to when housing and feeding so many people, and it would be quite difficult to suddenly change gears. </p>

<p>It was very nice that there was a live stream of the game. I watched Eric Idol give last year’s commencement address via live stream last year, that was great. I got to sing “Always Look of the Bright Side of Life” right along with the crowd in Walla Walla.</p>

<p>Very cool that they streamed the game! Nice to see the attention for the women’s basketball team. </p>

<p>The Missionaries won their game against the Wisconsin- Whitewater Warhawks last night, it was a great game, the team is amazing! They will play FDU-Florham tonight for the championship. You can watch the game live at 5:00 PT at <a href=“http://www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/2014/03/22”>http://www.ncaa.com/liveschedule/2014/03/22</a>. We watched last night, it was great to see a so many Whitman supporters in the stands.</p>

Great article about Whitman’s basketball teams. Both won their Sweet 16 playoff games. The men are 30-0!


What a great article! Thanks PacNWparent!