Whittier College Class of 2023 Decisions

Haven’t seen much on Whittier so I thought I’d start something for Class of 2023.

Visited Whittier last week with D and posted a review on CampusVibe.

They keep sending my daughter e mailed to apply and are willing to waive the app fee. She will not apply, good luck to those of you that applied!

I got in EA with $124000, 31ACT and 3.82/4 UW. I doubt that I will go.

Anyone else receive a scholarship? Stats and how much?

$120,000, 1100 SAT (but did not submit), 3.96 W GPA, 3.07 UW GPA

Accepted, but I haven’t received my financial aid offer yet

Any other scholarship notifications? Unsure if it is worth it for my daughter to apply last minute.

@JBSeattle my daughter was awarded a very generous scholarship at Whittier - $30K per year. Same at Redlands btw. Her stats may not be very meaningful for comparison, as she was ill for her whole sophomore year, which impacted her GPA. Her cumulative is 3.35 and SAT was 1370 (which is more in line with her healthy self grades). I asked my daughter for follow Whittier on Instagram after we toured so she could get a feel for the school vibe.

Interesting. My daughter is the opposite with high grades but lower scores. 3.7 W and 1160 SAT. She has some other viable options on the table so ok if she does not apply but thinking it might be worth trying.

@JBSeattle there are a lot of positives about Whittier but mine decided some of her other options were a better fit. It’s very small and seems to be pretty quiet. Small, interactive classes. I would recommend touring if she likes what she sees on the website and social media.

Just to help if you’re looking for comparative merit awards, my D got merit $31k per year. OOS 3.95UW, 4.1ish W 1370 SAT but probably not attending as prefers other options.

Thanks to both of you. My daughter said I was an idiot for suggesting a new school when she needs to decide in 6 weeks! Oh well! Having two teenage girls can be a humbling experience! At least I have four more years before doing this again!