Whittier Visit

<p>My D and I recently visited. The campus is immaculate and gorgeous, students very friendly, food excellent with a variety of healthy choices, and staff helpful. I had heard the campus was rundown, but I never saw this at all, although the dorms seem old, including the one we saw, which was recently renovated, but did not show it. The rooms were large though, and my D says she doesn't care if the furniture is old. Dorms, for the most part, are not air-conditioned. Decent athletic facility. The library is large with many books and excellent study spaces and group study rooms. The town of Whittier is extremely safe (like the campus) and low-key with cafes and movie theater within easy walking distance of the campus. There is a tutoring center open daily that is free. Our tour guide said getting the classes you want is never a problem. Students can work on campus for $10 an hour and the school is understanding if you need a day off. We went into the Scholars Program building at 4:30 in the afternoon and it was bustling with students and faculty who were closely interacting.</p>