Who applied?

<p>I just realized that I dont think a forum has been started for all the new applicants to UCSC! So I guess I'll start one</p>

<p>So I applied to the health science major and im thinking santa cruz is my first choice. It makes me sad because a lot of people tend to just apply there and not really plan on going...but even if thats your case still post what you applied as! haha</p>

<p>lets put our stats to see how we doing
i start:
sat : 1820
GPA: 3.85</p>

<p>transfer app.

<p>well i think my UC GPA is 3.56
ACT was 26</p>

<p>I applied!</p>

1. Bioengineering
alternate: Health Sciences</p>

3.7 GPA
1820 SAT
26 ACT
200 + hours of service
Tons of ECs</p>

<p>I can't wait to hear back from SC, It is pretty much my fist choice!</p>

<p>hooray for first choice!</p>

<p>yo pinkvgirl, where are u from?</p>

<p>san diego and yourself?</p>

<p>sf bay area.... I want to go to sc so badly, its such a sick school!</p>

<p>I know! I think I knew it was for me when I took the campus tour, it's perfect.</p>

<p>From the bay area,</p>

<p>3.3 UC GPA</p>

<p>1930 SAT</p>

<p>390 Community Service hours, many EC's and a couple of leadership positions in school related things. </p>

<p>applied as undecided engineering/computing, hoping to do electrical engineering/mechanical.</p>


<p>I'm from San Jose</p>

<p>2010 SAT
3.7 UC GPA</p>

<p>I applied as a Neuroscience major and UCSC is my first choice among UCs. I can't wait to find out!</p>

<p>I'm from the LA area (unfortunately)</p>

<p>Transfer student
~ 3.72 gpa (roughly)
spanish/latin american major :)</p>

<p>good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>3.46 weighted
1960 SAT
720 US History
470 Spanish</p>

<p>I calculated my CRS and it was about 300 points higher than the cut off for 2009. I hope I get in this year...</p>

<p>TAGed. im in</p>

<p>I wonder how much higher the CRS cutoff will be this year. Any estimates/guesses?</p>

<p>I'm applying from SoCal (LA to be exact (: )
Santa Cruz is one of my top choices hehe :D
GPA: 3.3 (weighted) ):
SAT: 1850 :/
SAT II: USH- 620; Bio(E)- 590; Lit- 590 <em>sighs</em>
4 AP classes total & 4 honors
A lot of ECs (: yay at least I have that...
I wish all of us good luck!!</p>

<p>transfer app
3.7 GPA

<p>anyone know when we transfer students can expect to get our letters?</p>

<p>aj where are you from? It's nice to see another prospective transfer student in physics at UCSC. I'm from Santa Barbara. Well best of luck, maybe I'll see you in class at UCSC :)</p>

<p>i dont think ill be going here... its a maybe but i have 2-3 schools on the list above UCSC. sad because i really do love the city and the campus.</p>

<p>im from sacramento. hoping to get accepted into cal poly actually</p>