Who are the professors teaching Bio 1A in the Spring?

<p>Who are the professors teaching Bio 1A in the Spring?</p>

<p>UCB</a> Online Schedule of Classes: Search Results</p>

<p>"FIRESTONE" is the only one noted on there, with a lot of discussion sections..?</p>

<p>Firestone, Malkin, and Urnov this spring.</p>

<p>-Firestone (physio section) usually teaches in the spring.
-Malkin (biochem section) usually teaches in the fall.
-Urnov (genetics section) hasn't taught Bio 1A before as far as I know.</p>

<p>Firestone and Malkin are both awesome bio 1a profs and give straightforward exams. Urnov usually teaches MCB 102/104 but is known to be a friendly guy who gives pretty easy exams. Given these professors this is a GREAT semester to take Bio 1A.</p>

<p>Do you have anything to say about taking Urnov for mcb102 over the summer? Is it much easier during the summer than during the academic year? This is what I've been hearing but is it true?</p>

<p>I didn't take 102 in the fall since I took it in the summer, but I would say so. I never really complained about the exams like my friends did who took it in the fall.</p>

<p>I think it may be a bit easier over summer, but don't take it over summer just because it's easier. Summers are usually better spent doing internships, research, or MCAT/GRE/etc prep.</p>