Who Are U People?????

<p>Hey I Got A Score Of 1ooo On My Sat-1
I M Dead And I Know But
Every1 On This Site Has A Score Of 1350+-holy ****(n They R Unhappy)
I Mean R There Ppl Who Get Below 1100?????</p>

In my school (not US), we have some US students.
One had 450 on verbal.
Other had 350 on World history.
I think this is more unusual than a 1400 score.</p>

<p>Jeez..Speak english, Rishi. You might get more responses if people could understand what the hell you are saying.</p>

<p>'jeez'...grow up, tenaciousj. That was unnecessary.
rishi, your score is about average. At least feel better than some kids who only managed a 900 total in my school. The people who complain about 1350+s just know their competition at the very top schools.</p>

<p>Yeah. Seriously, I mean, the CCers...we are like a tiny tiny fraction of the SAT scores... if every student in America/abroad were like us...gosh...I can't even imagine the nightmare. But, there're always the people who strive to do good, and there're always the people who strive to do great, because that's what the top schools require. Heck, if given the choice, I would like the opportunity of NOT caring about my score...but...where is the choice?</p>

<p>^ I constantly have to remind myself that. I wasnt going to apply to a school due to the stats I saw some people putting up... but then I figured what the hell, I'll never know unless I submit it. (I'm just worried there are others out there that aren't on CC ^_^)</p>

of course that you have to try.
I mean my restults are average but I'll try in just too many places over the world, so i am sure someone is going to take me ;).</p>

<p>we are no-life nerds who have nothing better to do but talk online cuz we got no real-life communication skills lol</p>

<p>you, maybe</p>