who are YOU?

<p>Just curious...</p>

<p>my essay was about...volunteering
I sent in a picture
my teacher recs..1) english, 2) music
no fin. aid
music tape + 2 additional recs.</p>

<p>anddd you??</p>

<p>my essay was about...a motley of things, and I mentioned "Columbia" in there a couple of times.
I did not send in a picture
my teacher recs 1) AP English III 2) World History
yes fin. aid
supp dealed exclusively with my accomplishments in one organization - FBLA.</p>

<p>anddd you??</p>

<p>my essay was sort of an extended metaphor for not letting life pass you by and taking joy in it ( kind of my perspective on things)
I did not send in a picture
my teahcer recs 1) AP English 2) Spanish 3 and 4 teacher
yes fin.aid
No supplemental information</p>

<p>I'm an RD kid ;)</p>

<p>essay: growing up under some unique circumstances in a poor section of another country - and how that's shaped me into the person I am today
Picture: yes, a self-portrait I took for photography actually
Teacher Recs: ap chem, american lit
Financial Aid: yes
Supplements: essay on directing state-wide conference, and suppl. rec from advisor from the club that runs this conference.</p>

<p>question: if I want to send in a supplement recommendation, and i'm applying online, do I mail it to them, or do I have my recommednation writer mail it to them. Or... do I upload it? (that'd be a tad weird)</p>

<p>Essay about volunteering. I sent in a picture. Teacher Recs: 1) AP English III and 2) Biology Pre-AP</p>

<p>Misscompetent Is A Columbia Admissions Rep Trying To Figure Out Who Is Who So They Can Reject Everyone From College Confidential!</p>

<p>LOL great call franklin</p>

<p>essay: Gerbil Breeding
pic: I sent in one
rec: 1) AP Spanish 2) AP English
no supp</p>

<p>essay: editing
pic: no, but i am cute anyways
rec: English, Science
yes fin aid
no supp</p>

<p>yes fin ais</p>

<p>yes because that would SO make sense...?? why would I want to reject anyone from these boards. I would actually commend all of us for taking initiative to ask questions, gain an advantage, etc. such a move should be awarded!</p>

<p>lol you are right. I am not done with my app but fin aid yes and i will send a pic, essay - sunno yet, rec - ap calc and ap bio probably</p>

<p>essay: summer program where i fell in love with math
pic: no
recs 1) AP Euro 2)AP Bio
YES fin aid
supp material: I got a recommendation from the director of math at u of c.</p>

<p>essay: about my passion for art
pic: yep - of me painting!! (i thought it went really well with my esssay and also showed who i am!)
recs: 1. history 2. english. 3. - additional - math
fin aid: No
supp material: slides of art work.</p>

<p>Columbia College:</p>

<p>essay: using music phrases to describe my passions for music, sports, volunteering and academics
pic: yes. of me in my traditional beret playing oboe.
recs: 1) AP Calc BC/Number Theory/Multivariable Calc and Differential Equations, 2)AP Human Geography
No Financial Aid
Supplemental Materials: Music CD and Recommendation from Associate Dean of Columbia Engineering</p>

<p>OMG, jaug.. I sent in a picture of myself in a beret too!!</p>

<p>Oh and how did you get a rec from the associate dean of columbia engineering?</p>

<p>About the pic: Damn! I wanted to be the only kid in a beret...grrr...lol</p>

<p>About the rec: I took a summer engineering class and he wrote all the kids in the class individual recs. It was kinda cool. Good luck silver!!</p>

<p>essay- subways and art
i sent a pic
recs: AP Spanish Lit & AP Chem
no supplement</p>

<p>My essay: near-death experience (car accident) in 9th gr.
Pic: yes
Recs: AP Lit (was also my 10th gr honors eng teacher); Canadian + International Law (was also my gr 10th gr civics teacher)
Fin Aid: yes
Supplement: 2 recs, one from prof of sociology at U of T (i work for him as a research assistant), another from an instructor of the columbia summer program.</p>

<p>Hi... My essays was about the time I said "erotic" during a discussion about an Emily Dickinson poem in English class. Yeah.</p>