Who Can Help A Chinese Transfer Student With The Tricky Housing?

<p>Dear Friends,
Thank you for your time!
My name is Su Zhou and I am a Chinese transfer student to Rose Hill Campus.I was told to be garanteed housing but haven't got one by now——And It's been only two and half weeks before UP move-in day!
Here's my problem:
I submitted my housing application on June 12th and got an email confirmation. And on June 22 I got an email from the residential office saying that I had been granted housing and should submit an application no early than June 14th.BUT I did NOT notice the time requirement.
At the end of June, I got my bill and found there was no housing fees. I called several Chinese transfer students and they all got that. It was not until then did I found out my mistake.
In the past month I have written 6 emails and called them 4 times. At first they asked me to forward my confirmation and I did so. BUT no reply then. So I called and they told me I was on the list so I should just wait. I waited for another couple of weeks then they told me they had no application from me. HOW COME they never told me in the past 15 days! So I submitted another application on July 26 and they told me to go on waiting!
The Residential Office works only 4 days a week and I will arrive in NY on 26 for the UP. Besides, I contact the recommended housing agency but they only have an apartment so far away.
I have been driven crazy! Who should I turn to for help? And if at the end they don't give me a room, where should I rent the house?</p>

<p>I am not sure I understand your deadline problem. Did you say that you applied too early? It makes no sense that they would admit a transfer student from China into Fordham without offering housing. Whatever. </p>

<p>Call Reslife on Monday again. If you don't get the response you need, then call Fordham Admissions, ask to speak to the Director of Admissions, Mr. Farrell. Explain your predicament. If that fails, then call the Dean's Office. Do all of this immediately.</p>

<p>I agree with ghostbuster, start making calls as soon as possible. And you must be mentally prepared to be a little forceful, if you don't get an answer you like ask to speak to the person's supervisor - often a student worker picks up the phones and you need to speak to someone in a position of authority. You should impress upon them that you are coming from China and that you accepted Fordham's offer of admission with housing and expect to get a dorm at Fordham. Fordham has an office for international students so you may want to add them to you list of people to call and perhaps they can help facilitate things for you. I have heard that there are many apartments for rent in the area of Fordham's campus but I have no experience with that. Good luck. Office</a> of International Students</p>

<p>Another thought is (depending on their fluency in English) to ask your parents to step in and make some calls as well. This might be one of the few times when intervention from parents is appropriate - after all they are sending their child halfway around the world to attend Fordham and have every right to expect the housing situation to be settled before you get on a plane.</p>