Who can I trust???

I have to get teacher recomendations… For some hectic IVIES, which will obviosly mean that my recs will need to be on steroids. How can I be sure that the teachers I choose will write very, very good recs??? Am I allowed to see the recs before they are sent??? I have heard rumours that previous seniors at my school have been screwed over by their teacher recommendations! Any advice or opinions???

<p>pick teachers whom you have bought them christmas/birthday presents. or teachers who you brown nose up to. also teachers whos class you scored high in. some teachers will let you see the recomendations, other wont, but usually, its not for the students eyes.</p>

<p>Ask teachers that you like and who like you. Preferably ones who gave you good grades, and for whom you put forth a fair amount of effort. And if you notice that they hedge, or say they're not sure they have time, or anything like that, back off quickly. They're trying to tell you they won't be glowing. </p>

<p>Also, when you ask the teacher, give them a brief resume that highlights the strengths you want mentioned, so they have something to write about. Remind them, for example, that you won first place in the science fair, or that they said your essay was Pulitzer material, or whatever it is that will help them remember what specific things they like about you.</p>