Who designs assembly lines?

<p>Who designs assembly lines? Mechanical? Industrial? Electrical? I know there are allot of different things that go into the design and that they all could have a part. If you had to choose one what would be the best. I had someone ask me this and didn't really know the answer.</p>

<p>Industrial designs the assembly line at the top level. Of course, the mechanical, electrical, and whomever else actually design the components, e.g. conveyor systems, robotics, etc.</p>

<p>The overall work flow/speed/volume of the assembly line is done by industrial engineer. The IE would even specify what type of machines should be on the line.</p>

<p>But the actual assembly line machines such as robots, conveyor belt, and other production machines would be design by a whole hosts of different kinds of engineers (the ones your mentioned).</p>

<p>Alright Thanks</p>