Who did you write about?

<p>I know this is kind of like the other thread, but it might be fun to share who everyone chose to write about on the supplement essay.</p>

<p>I'll go ahead and embarrass myself first: Queen Latifah</p>

<p>Hey, don't laugh I think it turned out well, but it is pretty funny, Lol.</p>

<p>Adam Smith</p>

<p>Rene Magritte</p>

<p>Vaclav Havel</p>

<p>are you czech?</p>

<p>John Locke</p>

<p>locke loves hobbes hates. thank you world history. i have that stupid saying in my head and i dont know what it means. yeah but john locke. cool dude.</p>

<p>Bob Dylan
I thought it would be kinda creative and different.</p>

<p>George Washington Carver</p>

<p>I Love Peanut Butter</p>

<p>Alfred Hershey- it has nothing to do w/ the chocolate :)</p>

<p>Jesus Christ</p>

<p>Jimmy Carter</p>

<p>I wrote about Ghandi</p>

<p>Ayaan Hirsi ali.</p>

<p>Ferris Bueller</p>

<p>oprah winfrey</p>

<p>ferrie bueller is such a good idea. he really is a leader.</p>

<p>i saw that someone had written about ferris bueller for the CMC essay on some site where they have "admissions essays that got in."</p>

<p>As a Chicagoan, I gotta love Ferris</p>

<p>And our last names are close enough that I get Ferris jokes all the time.
Mueller vs. Bueller</p>

<p>PS. I'm just glad i didn't end up doing mine about Bode Miller. ;)</p>