Who do you guys put as references for Stafford loans?

<p>Exactly the title, and just wondering :)</p>

<p>Stafford loans require references? I thought it was just next of kin type info!</p>

<p>Nope, my son just went through the entrance counseling and promissory note because of the new rules. In 2007 if I remember the wording asked for two family members. Yesterday, looking over his shoulder it definitely said "references"...he just used two family members and all went through fine.</p>

I was under the impression that a Stafford Loan was a loan guaranteed by the Federal government and that any student that filed FAFSA would be granted one. You cannot declare bankruptcy and walk away from this loan. I'm wondering whether the two references are something the college wants as opposed to the Feds. I can tell you all colleges are not requiring them. My guess is you could use two stranger's addresses from the phone book and still NOT be denied.</p>

<p>The references are just other ways to get in touch with you. The people you use as references are not co-signers.</p>

<p>Get in touch with us for WHAT purpose? Collections?
Another reason to select people randomly from the telephone directory.</p>

<p>Of course collections in the worst cases -students tend to move around, so having other ways to contact the borrowers increases the chances that current paperwork reaches them.
Random people from the phone book aren't references. Using them would be fraud. Providing references for an unsecured loan really isn't asking too much.</p>

With the "special" rules governing student loans, I don't think it is considered an unsecured loan. Perhaps fraud if you were filling out a loan application. This is not an application it is a promissory note. If you were an orphan with no family, freinds or references would you not receive a Stafford loan?</p>

<p>Just a way of tracking you down, if they need to do so.<br>
It should be no surprise that blowing off student loans was rampant in the past. Things have tightened up since those days, as a result, and to some folks' detriment. Those folks being borrowers who can not or will not pay.</p>

<p>My memory (from last year) was that it had to be two adults who were NOT family members.</p>

<p>I'm sure this is so they can contact other people in case the student moves without updating their address...a very common event, no doubt!</p>

<p>"You are required to provide two personal references with their full name, address, and telephone numbers. Each reference provided must have a U.S. address that is not the same as the student’s address, and the two references may not reside at the same address."</p>

<p>I just put my parents...shoot. oh well.</p>