Who DOESN'T drink or party and still manages to have fun?

<p>I'm currently in HS and I have a lot of friends who drink/party but it's not my thing and I don't plan on doing it in college, at all. Reading some of the threads here kinda stress me out because it seems like a lot of people get wasted every weekend. I'm not a dork, i do like to have fun. I have health conditions that make throwing up/drinking acidic drinks painful and I just don't think it seems like a smart thing to do. </p>

<p>Can someone who doesn't drink or party tell me how you still have fun? do you feel a lot of pressure? Did you make friends who drink or who don't drink?</p>

<p>I feel zero pressure, have lots of friends, and have lots of fun. I go to hockey games, go out to the bar (and don't drink, we just watch sports and hang out), go to friends houses, restaurants, the movies, parks, events on campus, concerts, plays, clubs, whatever. Drinking is just ONE option, you have hundreds of others. Most of my friends do drink occasionally, it isn't as though you can only hang out with non-drinkers, either. </p>

<p>I don't abstain from drinking by virtue, it's just not something I care to spend time/money on, and like you I have a health condition that can make it extremely unpleasant. It's not a big deal. Choose your school wisely. My university definitely has a lot of drinking and partying, but the university provides a lot of other entertainment opportunities and so does the surrounding city. You need to look for those sorts of things to make sure you'll have other options.</p>

<p>I'm not really worried about the pressure aspect, I'm one of those people who can shrug off stuff like that really easily. </p>

<p>I have friends who drink in HS and some who don't, I'm better friends with the ones who don't, but not for that reason, so I don't know what it's like to have your BFFLS getting drunk while I'm sitting there drinking out of my water bottle, lol.</p>

<p>I'm usually not around when my friends are drinking. I am not into parties so on the occasion that they are doing that I am usually otherwise occupied. The exception would be if we go out to the bar together, but it's kind of tacky to get completely ****faced at a bar so it's not that different from hanging out any other time.</p>

<p>I joined my university's pepband. I don't know if you play an instrument or not, but that could be something to look into.</p>

Reading some of the threads here kinda stress me out because it seems like a lot of people get wasted every weekend.


<p>Here? On CC? Surely you must mean a different forum.</p>

<p>why do people think these questions are necissary? I don't drink. I don't go out or anything now in college. but in the Army I went to the German fests all the time.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, it's completely impossible to have fun in college without drinking. Once in college, all your old hobbies and interests magically disappear or become completely boring. The things you formerly found fun will stop being so, and whatever you do now on the weekends will become boring and impossible. You will not meet anyone who does not drink, or who has any interests besides getting completely wasted every night. Sorry.</p>

<p>I drink and party and still manage to have fun.</p>

<p>Things to do besides drink on weekends:
-homework (omg, crazy idea, right?! best idea ever)
-hit up the gym (avoid hangovers and the freshman 15?!)
-sit in the lounge and watch/videotape all the drunks stumbling in at the wee hrs (Youtube?)
-do your fun during the day on the weekends...mall, movies, bowling, ice skating
-sporting events</p>

<p>...after my first semester of school, I've been to one party...it sucked and I don't regret not going to them more often.</p>


<p>Ha ha. That was perfect.</p>

<p>My days are filled with studying, eating, showering, buying food, watching he-man, trolling on internet forums. It is debatable weather I have fun.</p>

<p>I can answer this. I do not drink, at all. I'm a very tiny person and I have a feeling alcohol would affect me extremely negatively. However, I DO go out to parties, where there is a considerable amount of drinking. No one cares that I don't drink. I am friends with people who do drink, and people who don't.</p>

<p>I tend to spend more of my time hanging out with the people who do not drink, but in my sport there are a lot of socials and parties, and yes, drinking, so I wind up spending time around them as well. It's not really as big of a deal people make it out to be if you don't drink. </p>

<p>If you're really worried, when people ask, just say no thank you, they won't care enough to ask again, or you can just walk around holding a beer, no big deal.</p>

<p>I disagree. Drinkers tend to try to get non drinkers to drink. They might respect that you don't drink... but they will put pressure on you to "try it." over and over.</p>

<p>^Then you're hanging out with the wrong people. Nobody has EVER mentioned it again after being told once that I don't want to drink. Except on CC, but these people don't count. :P</p>

<p>That has been true always... no matter what country I was in... except Bangladesh. Almost no one drinks there.</p>

<p>Well, like I said, then you're hanging out with the wrong people. The only people that pull that kind of crap are too childish to be drinking, and who wants to hang out with them anyway?</p>

<p>ahh maybe ur right :) well, nobody is drinking now? and everyone is having fun at the moment.</p>