Who else applied EA?

<p>My two got theirs done in time so that is a relief! Who else is a potential Gael in 2009?</p>

<p>They just extended the deadline for EA! Monday, November 24th is the new deadline.</p>

<p>pink panther did you apply EA too? I saw that they had extended the deadline.</p>

<p>Both of mine received acceptances today :D :D</p>


<p>Thanks Karen! I hope it will prove to be affordable as it is for one of my girls tied for' #1 choice!</p>

<p>Congratulations on the acceptances. My D also applied early action and we haven't heard anything yet. Did they find out through the mail or by e-mail? We are anxiously awaiting news and hope to hear something soon.</p>

<p>Momto3 did you hear yet? My girls recieved snail mail notification about three weeks after submiting their apps.</p>

<p>Historymom, yes we were away over this past weekend, but when we returned home there was a letter in the mail. My d was also accepted at St. Mary's. It's one of her top choices, but we'll have to see about the $$$.</p>

<p>We are also looking for the best school at the lowest price. Congratulations to your D. I hope that it works out for you all if it is where she truly wants to be.</p>