Who else Interviewed...?

<p>I did and I met with the Film representative, who remembered me from high school visits. It went very well and I felt confident afterwards. I think she liked me.</p>

<p>But I have "acted upon" status (if that means anything) and decent scores, but definitely not straight A's....more like a B-B+ student. My film portfolio was great, but I'm sure a lot of people's were! </p>

<p>Who else interviewed? Do you think this will impact the decision at all?</p>

<p>i interviewed at the campus in september. i thought it went well. i'm in the 'acted upon' status also, but i certainly dont have straights As either... i hope it helped, but who knows. it seems most ppl are in our status, so we shouldnt be completely discouraged.</p>

<p>I had an interview on campus last November. It went okay, not great, not awful. I don't think anything happened which would encourage my interviewer to write a negative report. I too am in the "acted on" status and I'm quickly losing hope :( Who knows though. It really does seem like the vast majority of people here have that status. Tomorrow is the day that determines my future lol.</p>

<p>i had an interview in denver, went really well! i'm in review on 3/26 so hopefully that's a good sign.</p>

<p>Ooh, that might be good, bretjohnson!</p>

<p>I'm at the point where I want to get my hopes up, but I'm so used to rejection letters and the heavy competition that I don't think I should. Who knows? Good luck!</p>

<p>i think you'll be fine! think positive, this whole college season for me has been crazy. as long as you clearly communicated your passions, and gave a good picture of yourself on the app- you're fine.</p>

<p>i got into berkeley and ucla as an out of state student with a 1770 SAT.</p>

<p>Thanks! I really hope so. Woa, that's my SAT :)</p>

<p>yeah, superscored i ended up getting a 1860. but ucs won't take it. ANYTHING is possible. :)</p>

<p>i had an interview in december, i thought it went really well, the guy that interviewed me told me he really liked me, so we'll see... i have acted upon status</p>

<p>I had an interview in February at my audition.</p>

<p>interviewed..didn't go as well as i wanted it to go because i was so damn nervous. hahaha
butttt i guess we'll just see now..</p>

<p>I interviewed as well... I thought it would help A LOT but clearly it didn't, as I am in the 'acted upon' status and I'm feeling a rejection! </p>

<p>Oh well though. what a waste of my time...</p>

<p>I interviewed in Boston. The interviewer was really nice but was not from the film school, however her boyfriend had just graduated from my intended major. I definitely feel that it gave a face to the application and was worth the drive.</p>

<p>my D intereviewed in NYC in November. She interviewed with a rep from Marshall (where she applied) and it went very well -- to the point where the interviewer came out to me after the interview to tell me how impressed she was with my D's interview and how very well prepared she was. The interviewer also remembered me (no, not my D) from our on-campus visit last november! </p>

<p>D's stats are as follows -- 2010 SAT, 4.0 w gpa 3.7 uw, 3 AP classes senior year, the rest all honors for 4 years, 4 yrs varsity swimming, many other great ec's. we thought her essay was brilliant the way it tied in her passion for theater and dance with her desire to go into the business-end of the entertainment industry. </p>

<p>her status also went to "acted on" early yesterday morning. i don't think there will be much sleeping going on in this house tonight!</p>

<p>I had an interview @ USC in mid-fall, as well as being acted upon on 3/29.</p>

<p>I thought that it was probably the best interview I had, the student and I had a lot in common (year round swimming in hs, same stroke, same major/academic interests, both designated class note takers for courses, etc.) </p>

<p>And the last thing she asked me at the end was, "How high does USC rank on your list?" I thought that was good... but apparently this isn't looking too great :/</p>