Who else is applying RD?

<p>I've been cruising the Stanford board recently since I applied there EA, but Yale is one of my other top choice, and it's definitely a longshot for me just like Stanford. So who else is applying RD to Yale? Only a month and 28 days till the app has to go in...</p>


<p>good luck guys!</p>

<p>A mi tambien.</p>

<p>RD right here</p>

<p>"meeeeeeeeeeee", hey princetonwannabe how do u like the character limit?? :)</p>

<p>yeah i'll be applying too.</p>

<p>I'm going to applying RD ( if I dont get accepted ED to columbia)</p>

<p>I'm applying too. (Stanford EA, like you)</p>

<p>I shall be sending the app in should ED not work out. Did I just say that? <em>misty eyes</em> Yale's still pretty awesome, though. One of my best friends applied EA, and she and the other girl who applied EA from our school gush about it all the time.</p>

<p>me too................</p>

<p>Me! Yale's my second choice.</p>

<p>Me too! I did Stanford EA, but Yale is definitely up there on my list!</p>

<p>me as well</p>