Who else is applying?

<p>Just submitted my app yesterday! Is anyone else applying EA?</p>

<p>Now settling in for the wait... January 15th can't come fast enough :)</p>

<p>I did! Really excited for decisions to come back!! My sister graduated from Rhodes and loved it.</p>

<p>My son plans to apply. He got a telephone call from one of the assistant track and field coaches, liked what he heard and will fill out an application, he said. He will visit the campus in January.</p>

<p>I applied early action!! I’m really excited!</p>

<p>DS2 applied early action. Had a great interview but has not yet been able to visit.</p>

<p>I applied! Do you know if most people interview?</p>

<p>My admissions rep said that they like for applicants to interview, but it’s not a big deal if you don’t (especially if you live too far away to make a campus visit feasible).</p>

<p>okay thanks!</p>