Who else is excited???!

<p>I am soooo excited to go to boarding school!!!! I am just as excited about accepted students day!!! Is anyone else as excited as I am? which you should be.... and what are you excited about in particular??!</p>

<p>I'm really really really really excited--but scared just as much as I am excited. I'll really enjoy being in an atmosphere where everyone enjoys being in class, but from what I hear, it seems to be really tough at the boarding schools. Two of my friends have sisters who went to Exeter, one of the schools I was accepted at, but they said that everytime their sisters called home, they were positively bawling their heads off--scary. Veeerrrryy scary.</p>

<p>Well anyway, I'd love to be able to say that I'm excited for the revisit days, but the fact stands that I can't go. My parents can't take a break from work and they sure as hell won't me go alone (since I live in Japan) so I'm a bit upset about that...but I guess I'm really really excited about playing sports at the schools too. I'm not exactly the best athelete ever, but I do love playing a few sports, especially volleyball. ;) that'll be cool.</p>

<p>ickleronniekins -- finances might be too big a hurdle, but would your parents consider letting you go to revisit day with another family? I am sure that someone else from Japan was accepted into the school you will be attending and you might be able to go with them if they are going to revisit day.</p>

<p>just a thought.</p>

<p>i am oober excited! I was accepted to my dream school and can NOT wait to leave my little town's middle school!</p>

<p>I am so excited! I was also accepted to my dream school and could not be happier. I am so excited for revisits day, to go shopping for new clothes and dorm accesories, to meet my roommate, to go to classes, etc. and just be going to such a great school!</p>

<p>I am excited for knowing the waitlist result.</p>

<p>aahhh! i know, i keep on thinking about random things that get me really excited to go.. like when keylyme said her son has a whole drawer of popcorn and ramen noodles etc. it just sparked this feeling that made me feel like... this is real! i am going!</p>

<p>We all from time to time use this as a channel for happiness and deppression and other emotions. Before posting how excited you are think of some kids who might be rejected from their dream school, waitlisted everywhere, or just simply not happy with the 3/10 news. I'm very pleased with my results but a subdued happiness wouldn't hurt. </p>

<p>(Dancing helps)</p>