Who else still has an "estimated" Cal Grant?

<p>It's almost time for all of the fees to be paid and I am becoming rather nervous as result of the fact that my Cal Grant has never been confirmed. I confirmed my high school graduation on the Cal Grant website a few weeks ago, so it should have updated by now. What could be the problem?</p>

<p>I do still. -_- I'm in FPF so I just got my schedule so I thought maybe that's why, so I'll wait to see if it changes still.</p>

<p>The financial aid system they are using is new this year and there have been all sorts of problems for just about everyone. This could be why you aren't seeing your Cal Grant status change but double check to be sure. Good luck.</p>

<p>@piftw: I'm in FPF as well, so it might be involved with our status as spring admits rather than fall.</p>

<p>@momfirst13: I emailed the financial aid office and I received an automatic email saying that my inquiry would be answered in a week! At least I have enough financial aid at the moment to pay for tuition.</p>

<p>Yeah, I know. I've had to email the financial aid office, and I got the same reply. In the end, we just called them. It took us a while to get through but we did. The response we got was that the financial aid site was inaccurate and that everything was correct on their end. Seems kind of strange being that students use that site to keep track of their financial aid. Oh, I did find out that all the financial aid would fund on August 10th. Check CARS at that time and you will see everything being applied to your bill.</p>

<p>Thank you! I'm sure that the same is still applicable for us, then!</p>