Who has a tough schedule?

<p>This was a past post, but I am wondering who thinks they have the hardest schedule next year?</p>

<p>I will start:</p>

<p>AP Bio
AP Eco (Micro and Macro)
AP Eng Lit
AP Calc BC
Poly Sci class at University
Inorganic Chemistry analysis at a major University</p>

<p>AP Calc(ulator gaming)
AP Stat(ue modeling)
AP Physic(al education)
AP Bio(shock 2)
AP French(fry eating contest)
AP Extreme Ironing
AP Lunch</p>

<p>7 AP's. so as you can see, an extremely rigorous schedule next year. wish me luck.</p>

<p>Not meeeeeee....and I'm very happy that I don't :)</p>

<p>AP physics, AP psych, AP BC, APUSH, honors english, spanish online (UGH)</p>

<p>Wasn't there a post like this recently?</p>

Intro Stat
History of Blues
Computability Theory
Analysis II
Mathematical Statistics
Set Theory
Intro to Topology
Intro to Monte Carlo Methods</p>

<p>rough estimate</p>

<p>^^^^ Mad props to Seahawks.</p>

<p>AP calc, AP bio, APUSH, honors chem, Spanish III.</p>

<p>AP Bio
AP Lang
AP Art History
AP Macro
AP Micro
Honors Pre-Cal</p>

<p>AP multiplication ( must take before AP division)
AP spelling ( Not sure if I can pass this one)
AP Badmitton ( counts as PE credits)
AP Lunch ( Very deceiving. Sounds easy, but I heard its really difficult.)
AP Children's literature ( Hopefully there will be more pictures than words in the books)
Honors Nap time ( I will probably do well in this class)</p>

<p>Do you think I can handle these rigorous courses?</p>

<p>We had an ultimate "AP Lunch - How'd You Do?" thread when people were going crazy in AP season this past May. Epic thread was epic. Using Google cache (thread got removed), here's some sample posts from this thread:</p>





Wow, I probably would have gotten that one wrong. My class didn't even get to the Snacks chapter. Speaking of that, what textbook did your classes use? Or did you guys not have one?




The second free response about Gordon Ramsay killed me :/ Did anyone else completely blank on that one?


Quick question:</p>

<p>Legal toppings for sushi?</p>

<p>I said I & III only - Soy sauce and worcestershire sauce. Choice II was hot mustard - can anybody verify this answer? If that's right, I think I'm looking at -1 or -2 for MC.




<p>It was literally just 5 straight pages of serious discussion. I don't think as great a thread will ever be created again.</p>

<p>shoulda made that into a film, a parody of the obsessed AP student</p>

<p>Lol. That is hilarious! (especially " The free response on Gordon Ramsay killed me")</p>

<p>Hahaha yeah that would make a great short film...I can picture it now. The setting is all the students walking out of the testing room.</p>

<p>I posted the 4 pages that are cached on the "Post your random thoughts" thread just now if you want to read it all.</p>

<p>AP Lunch hahaahah</p>

<p>AP Lunch is no laughing matter, r0k :)</p>

<p>^Indeed. This is serious business. ;)</p>

<p>my actual schedule is
AP Psych
AP Lang
AP Physics B
Advanced Marketing
PE/ Business Law
AP Calc AB</p>

<p>I wish I could take advanced marketing and Business law.</p>

<p>Yeah I plan on going into business and the marketing teacher is amazing..</p>