Who has heard from Santa Clara today?

<p>I'm thinking a lot of people who aren't in California will get their letters today!</p>

<p>Yep! Accepted in Seattle, WA.</p>

<p>Yikes. I am still waiting. Is anyone else still waiting to hear something? SCU says they mailed their letters on 3/20. This seems like a long time for the mail to take to get to me in AZ. I hope this does not mean bad news.</p>

<p>I believe acceptances were mailed March 19th, actually. I don't think you should lose hope, but its something to consider.</p>

<p>You should know if you're in or not based on your eCampus. If there is an option to accept admission on the home page, you are accepted. If there isn't, you were not :(</p>

<p>I finally figured out why D had not received a letter from SCU. They decided she was a transfer applicant instead of a freshman applicant. She took a gap year after high school. She also had dual enrollment from her accelerated high school courses. SCU considers this combination a transfer student. So her application will not be considered until after May 1, which is after the deadline for all of the other schools she was accepted to. So, at least we know she was not rejected. Unfortunately, any acceptance at this point will come too late. Also, as a transfer student she will not be considered for scholarships, which would also mean she could not attend even if accepted. Too bad.</p>