Who Hasn't Declined Admission to the other UC's they were Admitted to? and Why?

<p>I still haven't declined admission to UCSD (college ERC)
and UCSB.</p>

<p>Today I will be declining admission to UCSD just because I remembered how lame ERC is....damn ERC has the ridic MMW requirement.</p>

<p>I am hesitant to decline my admission to UCSB...because I still can't believe that UCLA and Berkeley accepted me.</p>

<p>I am scared that UCLA and Berkeley will take away my admission and reject me....so having UCSB still available is nice. </p>

<p>is anybody doing the same?</p>


<p>Still have Davis in my back pocket. I learned not to shut any doors if you don't have to a long time ago. Some crazy **** could happen and I might need it at the last second. That being said, I'll make sure to decline SIR on the last day. Just a common courtesy I guess?</p>

<p>I've turned down UCSB already, but I am still holding on to UCSD. My grades should all be posted before June 1st, and if anything were to happen (rescind? It's not going to happen, but just in case) I'd still like to have an option.</p>

<p>hey jane, did you make up the grade that got you rescinded before? what was your new grade? my friend got a d in a class but doesn't want to ever retake it again, so i'm wondering how likely it would be for him to have a shot at these colleges while still have 1 unmade-up D.</p>

<p>i have held on to my UCSD admission for some reason too...i think it hasn't dawned on me that i'm ucla-bound in the fall.</p>

<p>what happens if you just don't do anything? (don't decline admission nor SIR)</p>

<p>HigherHopes- i made up the class i got rescinded for..i got an A.
however, i have a F and D grade that could not go under Academic Renewal.</p>

<p>they accepted me with all my dirty. </p>

<p>PM me if you have more questions.</p>

<p>If you do not submit your SIR by June 1st, the school automatically considers it a decline of their offer of admission (The date is extended if you were admitted under special circumstance. E.g. Appeal)</p>

<p>How is it that you "decline" a school? Why can't I just SIR to the school I want, and leave all the others alone???</p>

<p>Er...you..can? O.o That's how most people do it.</p>

<p>You decline a school by going to the SIR (as you would do to a normal SIR) and there's an option to deny their offer of admission.</p>

<p>I declined both UCSC and UCSB (which I sort of regret, but I think it will be fine...I hope). But I just haven't gotten around to declining CSULB. They sort of bugged me by ignoring the call where I declined them.</p>

<p>I haven't declined UCLA's because I want to savor this month/moment :)</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you still have june30th to change your mind even after you decline the offer of admission.... at least UCI told me that.</p>

<p>june 30th!? that's a long time, awesome!! So I can keep deciding till then :D</p>

<p>Just declined to UCSB and Davis :( I feel pretty bad about it. Davis ended with "We regret that you have chosen not to join our campus". Made me feel like a jerk, especially since they offered me a full scholarship.</p>

<p>I was forced to decline my SIR to the rest of the schools I got accepted in. I had to because they kept sending me supplemental packages after the welcome packages that I started feeling bad for them having to waste soo much time and paper. :(</p>

<p>I just got my spring grades, what I was waiting for to sadly reject UCSD. That's what I've just done :(</p>

<p>But, on a lighter note, 5 A's and 1 B! Not too shabby.</p>