Who here has undergone a massive personal transformation?

<p>and what was it</p>

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<p>This year I have!</p>

<p>was it fun</p>

<p>Well, from grades 2-7, I'm pretty sure I had temporary autism. I was basically socially retarded. I think the only reason I managed to snap out of it was because around the 7th grade I started going over to my best friend's house every weekend and got to have normal social interactions with his family. I mean, my family wasn't socially retarded but they didn't do the best job at raising me socially. I'm serious when I say that I probably would have been misdiagnosed with autism if it weren't for that family. So I'm glad I underwent that transformation.</p>

<p>^^ yup compared from last year to this I've become more extroverted..and "fun". This was the first time in HS i actually had fun...</p>

<p>and I've also improved my appearance & style by A LOT.</p>


<p>I progressed from a shy, quiet introvert to my rambunctious self (though I'm still an introvert at heart) after a standup comedy routine I did in my 5th grade talent show was well received.</p>

<p>it's amazing how one event can change everything</p>

<p>My Tropic of Capricorn (below the equator, ;) ) has risen to 44.4 degrees.</p>

<p>Oh, dear. ^</p>

<p>Arrogant Narcissist on a level of 200 -> Less Arrogant Narcissist.</p>

<p>^ go get more friends </p>

<p>I think around mid-freshman year I just stopped giving a sh1t about what random people might think of me and started only caring what a certain few good people thought of me. That changed a lot. Oh and when I started plucking my eyebrows in middleschool and got contacts and grew boobs. That helped my confidence some (the boobs only helped later, at first they're really weird, but now I'm like "cool")</p>

<p>elementary school (very little-some socialization)
Middle school -> I was annoyingly social
High School -> I talk..</p>

<p>The physical and personal aspects of my transformation went hand in hand.</p>

<p>In elementary and middle school, I epitomized the word "awkward." I was shy and quiet, and really, really nerdy. I was the girl who chose sitting in the corner and reading her book to playing with friends at lunch (I did have friends, though, just FYI, haha). My clothes were all mismatched and I wore brands like Gymboree until like 6th grade, no joke. (My mom picked out most of my clothes for me until 8th grade). I had huge, curly frizzy hair and I didn't know how to tame it so it would tangle REALLY easily. The haircut I had was not conducive to my hair texture, so I'd usually wear it in an ugly ponytail. I looked like I came from the jungle, basically. I also had glasses, bushy eyebrows, and buck teeth. I was UGLY, but I didn't really seem to care. It wasn't until later years when I'd look back on pictures and cringe.</p>

<p>Around 8th grade, I finally started to realize that I no longer wished to look like a monkey, so I went through a huge but steady and gradual personal transformation. I got braces, got a decent haircut and learned how to use a straightener, started wearing contact lenses, and fixed my eyebrows. With this physical transformation I also underwent a personality transformation that solidified during my freshman year of high school. I grew more confident and outgoing; less afraid of what people thought of me. Since then I haven't changed much; my personality has remained constant.</p>

<p>I have progressed from a mean and uncontrollable troll to a more calm and nice troll</p>

<p>Well I transformed for a while but slid right back into my old anti-social self.</p>

<p>Oh well :p</p>

<p>Well, I've become more flamboyant in my personality over the years, but that's pretty much it. </p>

<p>On the OTHER hand, my friend went into a MASSIVE transformation. Let's just say she went from a greasy, boy-looking, sweet girl who gets good grades into a sex-addicted, drug addict who is more about showing her chest off to the world. Ugh.</p>

Well I transformed for a while but slid right back into my old anti-social self.


Heck yeah! It really wasn't worth it.</p>

become more flamboyant in my personality


Yep. But only on CC :D</p>

<p>I've turned from a girl who was too scared to speak in front of the class to someone who plays the 'Devil's Advocate' if the teacher is being ignorant.</p>

<p>My measure of whether a teacher is competent is that they don't mind if I justifiably dismantle their arguments.</p>


You're quite justified. I like teachers that don't mind if you argue with them.</p>