Who here thinks jomjom is a******

<p>jomjom, you're just bitter because you got rejected by princeton and you probably go/went to some lowly institution where the proffessors are paid less than the T.A's at Princeton. Get a life.</p>

<p>i think he is definitely in denial</p>

<p>crisscross, the problems that we see are only the tip of the iceberg....</p>

<p>See I always hated these complaining-about-a-user threads. Why are we feeding the fire guys? Just let it drop. No need to be bitter towards those who are bitter. How does doing so help the problem at all? </p>

<p>Just let it blow over.</p>

<p>agree with rupac</p>

<p>^Yeah, now that I think about it, that makes the most sense. I agree too (so don't pay attention to my previous post).</p>

<p>I am going to have to agree with the OP. jomjom is seriously ****ing me off. It is getting wicked annoying and I suggest that he/she/it be reported as much as possible.</p>