who is applying to Williams ED????

<p>who is applying to Williams ED this fall??? for class of 2009....??
Why did you choose Williams as ED??
did you think about other schools as ED or EA besides Williams?? </p>

<p>I also decided to apply to Williams ED over other schools...... i just want to know your opinions about your decisions...thanks very much</p>

<p>Go Ephs! Hehe, I'm applying to Williams Ed and in fact, will be sending in my application by this week (school set the deadline). I can't wait, but the problem is my family can pay no more than $10,000 for college, so financial aid will be a problem (I know how people say you shoul'dn't apply ED if you need aid, but I talked it over with one of the admissions staff and she said Williams will either 1) negotiate offer or 2) release me from the binding ED agreement). So it's all good. I chose Williams because I've always been attracted to the idea of a liberal arts education and I like how the school balances athletics and academics beautifully. And a purple cow! Hehe!</p>