who is boycotting Bush Today?

<p>I will get good 9 hrs of sleep today.</p>

<p>Listen to him talk about how he is now finally aboard "the Democratic conspiracy theory of global warming?"</p>

<p>I'd rather open a vein.</p>

<p>I can't handle it.</p>

<p>I have no problem with it. It was Clinton directly lying to my face about Lewinsky that I couldn't stand.</p>

<p>boycotting for sure...he makes me ill.</p>

<p>yep, ucla...that ranks way above the end of the world as we know it in my book.</p>

<p>I wish there WAS a way to "boycott" Bush, but I gather you merely mean not watching him on TV tonight. I wish he could be boycotted beyond THAT!</p>

<p>have to watch it so I can enjoy the Jon Stewart Show that much more tomorrow :)</p>

<p>Good point, SJCM!</p>

<p>I was going to watch it, but I have a midterm tomorrow. I hope I don't miss any good lines like last year's wonderful sentence about human-animal hybrids, but I think I'll survive. :)</p>

<p>Enjoy it while it lasts. And while at it, for a truly burlesque moment, tune in to the "good guys'" rebuttal. Could Webb et al beat the asinine New Marshall plan for America proposed by the dynamic Reid/Pelosi a few years ago? "They don't have a plan," said freshman Sen. Jim Webb, picked by the Democrats to deliver their response to Bush. </p>

<p>When was the last time the Dems had a workable plan? Any kind of a plan?</p>

<p>Leadership at its best! </p>

<p>To each its own.</p>

<p>I knew I'd be a loner here on this overwhelmingly left-leaning site but that's okay. </p>

<p>The problem I had with that particular Clinton speech is that he quite knowingly blatantly lied to the audience. That's what bothered me so much about it. It would have bothered me just as much if I was a Dem or if I felt Bush had done the same thing. Most of you will say that Bush lied as well but that's more a matter of opinion than reality. Some believe he was acting on the best information he had available to him at the time. Clinton flat out knew he was lying and was rightly impeached for it.</p>

<p>Anyway, enjoy your newly found time off.</p>

<p>I can't stand Bush's voice or image and will immediately turn off any television or radio broadcast, or turn any page of a newspaper or magazine, which features him. I'll be so very happy when he's gone and I can eliminate the nausea I've been feeling for so many years. </p>

<p>So, boycott? Nah, it's just my usual action of not giving the Idiot in Chief any of my time.</p>

<p>The reprecussions of Bush's lies about WMD are dramatically deadlier than Clinton's about sex between consenting adults... but I guess that's just a detail.</p>


<p>I had the same reaction to Kerry's voice and I also have trouble with Hilary's when she gets excited. Bill's voice was okay to me although I didn't agree with a lot that came out of it. Carter's voice was about the same to me. Other voices I had a hard time with were LBJ's and Kissinger's. I think Bush's visual image is fine but he does usually have stiff, uneasy, nervous mannerisms in most of his appearances.</p>


<p>I knew some of you would refer to the well-worn 'Bush lies about WMD' reference hence my attempt to explain a bit of a difference, at least in my mind. There are many who think Bush acted sincerely with the information he had at the time. Many Dem politicians actually agreed with him at that time although many of them seem to be claiming temporary amnesia now. I suppose there are others who believe he lied as blatantly as Clinton lied though.</p>

<p>Deadlier than Clinton's decision about half a million children in the same country? </p>

<p>Lives seem to have different prices, depending on the color of the glasses one wears. When will be start discounting the 9-11 casualties and the immediate causes that led to that tragedy?</p>

<p>I don't think he really has anything to say that he hasn't said before. </p>

<p>No matter how many times he says we can win in Iraq, it ain't gonna happen. </p>

<p>I mean Dorthy made it back to Kansas after three clicks of her heels. Ol Georgie's got bruises on his heels at this point.</p>

<p>"Deadlier than Clinton's decision about half a million children in the same country? "</p>

<p>How many of those half million were AMERICAN children xiggi? </p>

<p>"Lives seem to have different prices,"</p>

<p>Absolutely, I value my kid's life over yours. I value your kids life over someone in another country. </p>

<p>" depending on the color of the glasses one wears. When will be start discounting the 9-11 casualties and the immediate causes that led to that tragedy?"</p>

<p>When will we invade the correct country. Gw missed it by a letter and actually it should have been Saudi Arabia anyway. They paid for 9/11 after all. </p>

<p>I don't think you'll convince anybody here that the invasion of Iraq was a just cause. Aftgainistan yes, Iraq no. I mean it slays me that the same people who dismiss gobal warming becuase of Gore, buy WMD's and Iraq's involvement cause of Bush.</p>

<p>Xiggi--if the Clinton disapproval was based on that, rather than the whole Lewinsky thing, I'd have no problem with it.</p>

<p>Clinton's death toll doesn't negate Bush's rising one. Both are beyond inexcusable.</p>