Who is going for Financial Engineering?

<p>Hi folks I am planning to apply to Columbia University and want to major in financial engineering. But I am puzzled by the different departments in CU and am not sure the information from which to look at. (..I am sorry for my ignorance but) I have a few questions:
1. Does CU offer financial engineering as a major for freshmen?
2. If it does, which department does FE belong to? (Which school should I apply to?)
3. If it doesn't. what major should I chose in order to prepare myself to get into that discipline?</p>

<p>Could someone please explain to me? I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!</p>


<p>yes.... </p>

<p>Department</a> of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research</p>

<p>You need to apply engineeering, take all prereqs and then apply operations research. As a junior you can apply to finacial engineering. It is way competitive and you compete with students from combined program schools so you may be up against 4.0 student from a top ranked liberal art school</p>

<p>Thank you both for the reply!
@ Jssaab, does it imply that FE as a multidisciplinary major puts more emphasis on science? Although I take physics in my IB program but my interest is mainly in economics...I am just wondering, since my personal statement is about business/finance/economics, will it be applicable for an engineering major?
THanks for the help again!</p>

<p>Wow they really edit here...</p>

<p>Its an engineering major in the engineering school. You need to apply as an engineering student when you apply (or you can do that from the college as a junior in the combined program ) so you need Chem, Physics (one of these with a lab) comp sci, stats and maths (up to linear calclus IIRC) like any engineering major ( check the ops research section on the SEAS website)</p>

<p>Check with the school about whether the Bacc program (or AP) will get you credits, some courses may be excluded from counting ( not sure about Phys) </p>

<p>As an ops research student you will apply after junior year for FE and its highly competitive. Look at SMS as well, it is a very highly reagarded major in consulting.</p>

<p>If you are interested in FE there are other other highly rated programs out there, FE at Columbia was added late to the game as a "oh we ned that too" reaction to other schools offering</p>