Who is self studying Microecons?

<p>Hey guys, i need some help.
My school might not offer a major when i take the APs(in about 3 years), because we need to do at least 3 years of it to major with it and its not an option until year 4. Anyways, do you guys know any good books to self study with? I know about princeton review and all, but do you guys know something which is comprehensive, something for microecons which is like a physics textbook or something?</p>

<p>And anything for Comp Science?</p>

<p>Thanks loads!</p>

<p>I'm self-studying for Micro/Macro econ. I'm using the Barron's book, which a lot of people say is crappy, but for me it seems okay. It's not a good idea to get Barron's for Econ. if you've never worked with econ. before because it's kind of a skimming overview, but I went in depth in a community college course, so this is kind of a refresher for me. I'm really hoping for 5s on both because I need them for credits.</p>