Who Is The 2008 Commencement Speaker?

<p>Any ideas? Rumors abound about Meryl........</p>

<p>I heard that it likely will NOT be Meryl. Apparently Vassar has a tradition of not letting the same person speak twice. I think she gave the address in 1983: MSO:</a> Meryl Streep Online</p>

<p>Then again ... I'm not sure if that 'vassar tradition' is based on truth or just here-say.</p>

<p>Meryl Streep was '84.
Mario Cuomo was '85.
I don't remember '83. ;)</p>

<p>anthony bourdain! haha just kidding. i don't think he even graduated...</p>

<p>There's a rumor up on one of the student blogs (madsvassar is the name) that the commencement speaker will be Bill O'Reilly... however this is probably a joke, judging from the political climate of the school. Other than that, there's been no indication as to who the speaker for 2008 will be.</p>

<p>And yes, in case anyone was wondering, the Bill O'Reilly comment was a joke posted on the blog in question by an "anonymous commenter." The speaker is supposed to be announced within the next month though...</p>

<p>And... the speaker was announced today. It's Randy Cohen, a columnist for the New York Times Magazine and Emmy winner.</p>

<p>Yeah, Cohen writes the Ethicist column in the New York Times magazine. Sounds nerdy, but it's actually addictive. I read it every Sunday ;)</p>

<p>PS: I ran into Meryl Streep's daughter twice last semester when I was in the bathroom on the first floor of Rocky. It was surreal...</p>