Who is the Top CC poster?


<p>Number or Quality?</p>

<p>zante, followed by me</p>

who is zante?</p>

<p>zantedeschia, she's going to princeton :)</p>

<p>where are you going celebrian?</p>

<p>i'm a junior (I've got a good year ahead of me!)</p>

<p>Geez... were you posting on here in like 5th grade? ;)</p>

<p>nah, (this count is only for like august anyways). I started as a lurker in 8th grade and graduated to a poster in 9th grade</p>

<p>Ah Ic... :)</p>

<p>lucky u celebrian.... :)</p>

<p>this site has taught so mnay college stuff, too bad i discovered only in feb and startin coll this fall... :o</p>

<p>well where do you want to go celeb?</p>

<p>Celebrian is going to Michigan. He has confessed his undying love for Michigan through countless PMs to me! LOL</p>

<p>Tis a she, Alexandre. ;)</p>

<p>I just started posting. So much helpful stuff for when you have to start applying, taking tests, etc.</p>

<p>lol alexandre... confusion has set in :)</p>

<p>hehe I am girl. Just to set the record straight</p>

<p>Not to jinx young Celebrian's chances to go to the "good" school up north <barf> but hopefully her EFC will be too high and she gets to attend THE Ohio State University. (even though that's her super safety, but I cannot stand good people going to a school with a subpar football team)</barf></p>

<p>I actually will have a really high EFC, so that's actually a huge possibility.</p>