Who is your hero/idol?

<p>Excluding family</p>

<p>I would have to say that one of mine is Andrew McMahon, the lead singer of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. He fought cancer in the prime of his career and came out alive and was still making music while in the hospital. Some others would be all of The Beatles members.</p>

<p>Paul Erdos. Don't judge.</p>

<p>Jack's Mannequin is my favorite music group of all time! McMahon is such an awesome guy.</p>

<p>My hero would probably be Martin Luther King. I love the way he stood up for what he believed in while never using violence, even after he was beaten and ridiculed. I also greatly respect Abraham Lincoln.</p>

<p>mm I have a lot..
I guess outside of my fam, my top heroes would be Jane Austen, 3OH!3, Nostradamus, Blair Waldorf (hence the username heheh) and Nancy Grace.</p>

<p>@MIT: I know it's now impossible, but what would you hypothetically do to have an Erdos number of 1?</p>

<p>Doyle Brunson
Grigori Perelman
Colin Powell</p>

<p>Different reasons for each.</p>

<p>Taylor Swift: she writes her own songs and as far as I know, she's not afraid to voice her opinions and show her feelings. After that, I don't view anything else as hero-worthy. well, I do admire her having gone out with Taylor Lautner.</p>

<p>Leonardo Da Vinci: he's beast at almost everything</p>

<p>Debussy: amazing composer, not afraid to go beyond the orthodox musical world, original, creative</p>

<p>@Millancad Work with Erdos in the afterlife. On a mathematical paper</p>

<p>@noimagination lol Doyle Brunson the poker player?</p>

<p>Living: Sergey Brin.
Dead: I'll second Da Vinci. Every engineer has at least a little respect for Da Vinci.</p>

@noimagination lol Doyle Brunson the poker player?


Yes indeed. Glad to see somebody recognizes the name...</p>

<p>Why Doyle Brunson? Is it because he's old and still does what he loves as opposed to perishing? LoL.</p>

<p>My mother.</p>

<p>Besides family, </p>

<p>Manmohan Singh- Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy- India.</p>

<li>Simple </li>
<li>Down to the earth</li>
<li>Intelligent- top his class in college, got scholarships to study in London, honorary PhD from Oxford</li>
<li>Lead India to become an economic superpower: liberalized India's past socialist lead economy</li>
<li>Signed many Indo-US/others Nuclear, civilian, and military deals.</li>

<p>Patrick Bateman (minus the serial killer thing lol)</p>

<p>Living: ArtOfMind_21
Dead: John Milton, Boccaccio, Marcel Breuer, Petrarch, Confucius, Sandro Botticelli, and Gaius Marius</p>

<p>It's so hard to choose!</p>

Why Doyle Brunson? Is it because he's old and still does what he loves as opposed to perishing?


He's a mighty fine poker player.</p>

<p>Charles Manson...jking</p>

<p>I have a lot, but my best idol/hero is fictional: Father Chisholm in Keys of the Kingdom by AJ Cronin</p>

<p>non-fictional: Abe Lincoln</p>

<p>My fictional idol is Jay Gatsby; he is such a cool guy.</p>

<p>Actually, most of my idols/heroes happen to be not alive. Except DataBox!!! :)</p>

Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao, and Sun Tsu- ingenious war tacticians
Franz Liszt, Beethoven, and Chopin- groundbreakers and genii in music with impressive style
Diana Wynne Jones, Terry Pratchett, and Tamora Pierce- made me love reading stories
John Rock- unconventionally courageous
Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin- two of the most enlightened people of their time</p>

<p>And a host of other people. Some of those above, obviously, are very much alive. Others are not lol. :D</p>