who loves high school

<p>everyone's complaining about hs. what is just so bad that 68 people replied to a thread titled "i hate high school".
i would like everyone to just compare high school to middle school and to elementary school. and if youve been to college, compare that as well. if you take the time to make a list of pros and cons, you would find that high school is a lot better than it seems. out of the 1000+ days you spend in high school, just how many bad days do you remember. and most i bet was self induced (e.g. forgeting homework, lighting fires, etc). true high school is stressful, but it also preps you for the adult life that is ever approaching. with the wide gamut of classes you can take, and the range of extracurricular activities and sports, id say high school is pretty cool compared to the stringent middle and elementary schools. </p>

<p>ps. i am really a senior and not some kids mom</p>

<p>pps. nor am i some teacher's pet or nerd or sports star</p>

<p>oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i dont necessarily love high school, but just relish the freedom and the "you make your own choice" type of atmosphere. i know i didnt get dts from swearing in hs</p>

<p>I think the freedom and "you make your own choice" atmosphere will be so much greater in college so no, i don't love high school anymore.</p>

<p>actually, i loved high school. But most people in college like that much better than high school.</p>

<p>I miss knowing everyone.</p>

<p>I hate knowing everyone. I knew everyone in school a month into freshman year and it's the same old people. I wish I could meet new people every day. </p>

<p>jenskate1, how do you live both in TX and NY? Do you go to school at one of these places?</p>

<p>I like some parts of my high school:
-School's jazz band
-Comfortable library and everyone loves me there because I frequent it so much <3 :)
(Even the books wave their pages at me!)
-Great band program
-Awesome choir program
-Caring counselors
-Delicious crispy tator tots</p>

<p>Some bad things:
-Not many opportunities...
-Few APs
-Horrible math teachers!
-Crumbling facilities
-Poverty-stricken area</p>

<p>Whenever someone gets an award, it's presented at the rallies and everyone goes bananas. I got an award for an art contest and I felt like a star.</p>

<p>Overall, I wouldn't say that I love it. I used to hate it a lot, but now I'm just OK with it.</p>

<p>i loved elementary school, i loved middle school, i love high school, and i'll probably love college. I love my friends who have been with me through it all, i love going to football games and basketball games, i love all the good times and memories. People have gotten way to caught up in worrying about academics, and opportunities, ect. that they forget what high school is all about, at least to me. A lot of people in the "Hate H.S." thread just thought they were downright superior to some people by complaining about too many "dumb" kids and similar things. I'm glad i go to a school with those type of kids cause some of them have been my best friends and provided me with good times.</p>


My AP Government class is actually interesting. I actually like this class.
My friends.</p>

Shallow people who only care about their grades/hair/makeup/clothes/you get the point.
Worrying about getting into college.
Classes where I learn stuff that I won't EVER EVER EVER use in life but still get graded on.</p>

<p>The list could go on and on.</p>

<p>Sorry, but I still hate high school. I can see how people would like high school, but for me it's a living hell. </p>

<p>Also, there's a lot more freedom in college. It's so obvious. They don't give you detention for being late to class 5 days in a row. They don't give you detention for chewing gum. They don't give you in-school suspension for not going to a pep rally or skipping school. Et cetera.</p>

<p>Crayon, your school actually gives out academic awards at pep rallies? If they did that at my school, everyone would either boo or not clap, or both.</p>

<p>Heh, my high school has ~200 kids, so there's no freedom and 'make your own choice' atmosphere there. Elementary school owned middle school, and middle school owned high school... sigh... I wish we still had nap time and coloring... ;)</p>

<p>ISS for not going to a pep rally? That sucks...</p>

<p>I go to a huge high school. I think it's pretty fun</p>

<p>kindergarten was the best</p>

<p>all i did was color a coloring book and my only expectations were to color inside the lines</p>

<p>High School is awesome, but don't think it's necessary the school, but the fact that I'm older. Now if only my parents will let me use that driver's license..........</p>

<p>mandi- what the hells up wid the con section. if you open your eyes once in a while, you notice that all schools are like that, just adjusted to a different academic level. seriously, your comment sounds like a joke</p>

<p>cookie_monster- please let me know when you grow up. sure i agree with you, but try to outgrow your fantasy world</p>

<p>everyone else- im terribly sorry that i forgot to consider the different types of schools. upon starting my thread i only focused on my school, which had two recent renovations, about 300 students per grade, low side of twenty per class, and plenty of excellent AP and elective classes. also, id say my teachers were all pretty cool as well as knowledged in their fields.</p>

<p>I'm sorry. What I really should have said was,</p>

<p>I love high school so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I fail 12th grade 8497821729418 times so that I can stay in high school until I DIE!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i go to school in TX, but am originally from NY.</p>

<p>i don't think school is exactly horrible. i've had a couple amazing teachers, some really interesting classes, and there are lots of AP's available, one of the best orchestras in the state, lots of ways to be involved, and everything. but the problem is that i live in one of the richest counties in the US, and the kids here are kinda... annoying to put it nicely. then the friends that i do have all graduated and are off to college. it's not so much the school work that bothers me, it's the people, with all the cliques, drama, and just people that i don't mix well with. but academically, it's been really good. so i love high school in that i've had some great classes and great teachers, but my overwhelming hate of the social aspects just kinda ruins everything.</p>

<p>mandi, if your school hands out dts for chewing gum, then... yea just laugh it off or ITS TIME TO MOVE! sounds like you live in a really down place. guess it just sucks for you</p>

<p>best time of my life. so many hilarious kids in class, especially the easy phase3 classes that are required... AP courses are a joke at my skool and i BS my way through, but dont do well on the exam at the end cause it doesnt matter much to me.</p>

<p>I love High School. I wish I could start over and do it all over again. I would do it over again in a second. Damn. Now you got me all teary eyed.</p>

<p>jlaws- hahahaha</p>