Who makes best hoodies and plain tshirts for guys?

<p>Also posted this in the College Life section but thought I'd get a parent's perspective too. Sophomore S wants to buy a few solid colored v-neck tshirts, hoodies, a long sleeve plaid & solid shirt, and a new pair of jeans.</p>

<p>Going to do most of the shopping online. I don't want to buy him really cheap tshirts that look like they just came out of the bottom of his laundry bag half the time. Looking for a better vneck that hangs well. Same with the hoodies. Who makes the best quality without breaking the bank?</p>

<p>DS loves his hoodies. He bought some at the Burton and Quicksilver outlet stores near us several years ago that still look great.</p>

<p>Depends on the build of your S.
H bought his for years at JC Penneys, but I buy them at Jcrew, they are slimmer fitting & nicer I think.</p>

<p>Pacific Sunwear usually has good sales in August. Have had good luck with the quality of brands sold there, such as. Volcom and Hurley</p>


<p>J Crew and Banana Republic have slim fits that are good depending on your sons build. Both have outlets if you can find them.</p>

<p>I highly recommend this online-only company for t-shirts. I bought S1 several, and they are really beautiful - great colors, incredible cotton fabric, slightly tailored fit - good for young men. And very reasonable prices. </p>

<p>Egyptian</a> Cotton T-Shirts - High Quality Cotton Tee Shirts and Cotton Pants - Egyptian Cotton Clothes</p>

<p>J. Crew is by far the best I've seen. James Perse and Dior Homme are nice too if you're looking to spend a bit more.</p>

<p>For the more hipster look (not my thing, but a lot of people love them), it may be worth looking into American Apparel.</p>

<p>And if he's a "quality", "high end" , "hip-hop" guy (is there any other kind?)...</p>

<p>DrJays.com</a> | Sneakers, Jeans & Urban Clothing from Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Rocawear</p>

<p>For my t-shirts, I am a sucker for just about anything from The Gap Body Shop, but they only make stuff for females. They have the softest cotton stuff by far, of just about any place I've shopped.</p>

<p>So I checked the men's section from The Gap online, and they do have lots of V-neck t-shirts in different colors; I'm just not sure if they're made with the same fabric that the women's Body Shop products are made of. Anyway, here's the link:</p>

<p>Men's</a> Clothing: Men's Clothing: Ts & Tanks | Gap</p>

<p>They've got some nice sales right now, too!</p>

<p>Tshirts from J Crew have lasted and still look nice. Same goes for Polo. Got both from Outlet Centers. S is very tactile oriented so feel is very important.</p>

<p>Couldn't you just go to Old Navy? Boys are rough on clothing anyway.</p>

<p>The worm is sensitive to fabric, so I avoid geting him pique polos. Besides BR and the GAP, I look at dept stores. Lacoste had very soft T's, 1901 had softest sweatshirts I'd seen, Hugo Boss slim fit and durable.</p>

<p>I have never come across Carhartt--always something new on CC</p>