Who should I get a letter of recommendation from?

<p>I am applying to USC's film school for Fall 2011. They look for, above all, students who are naturally creative and good writers/storytellers. They ask for three letters. I already have two. Who should I get my third one from?</p>

<p>My first letter is from a second grade teacher who said my writing was the best she had ever seen from someone in her classes for the 14 years she had been teaching up to that point.</p>

<p>My second letter is from a Film teacher who wrote in her letter about my writing being great, and said I would be a great fit for film school.</p>

<p>For the third letter, I am stuck between two options: getting one from my former guitar teacher who was very fond of me, or getting one from another Film teacher I had that really liked a film I directed and edited for a class assignment. If I get one from my guitar teacher, I feel that the amazing letter he would write could show USC a more well-rounded picture of me and prove to them I am very dedicated to my interests. Getting one from the Film teacher could further emphasize my abilities in filmmaking and storytelling, however. But I worry that two letters from Film teachers could get repetitive, and not show a full picture of me. But I also worry having only one letter from a film teacher could make USC unsure of my abilities in Film. </p>

<p>Which would be the better person to get a letter from?</p>

<p>Have you shown the second-letter-writer your film? I think if you could get her to speak on behalf of your writing AND directing, then go with the guitar teacher.
Secondly, does your guitar teacher think that you’re naturally creative and a good writer/storyteller? Can he speak on behalf of how you told stories through your music or something?</p>

<p>I would go ask them both to write one in any case, look at the letters, and choose whichever makes you seem like a stronger applicant. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply, panther13! I already decided to go with the film teacher, but may also get one from my guitar teacher as an optional fourth letter. She watched some of my film work, so good to know the best option is a teacher who can speak on behalf of my writing and directing!</p>

<p>Is the rec from your second-grade teacher based on your writing when you were in the second grade? I’m not sure that is a good plan.</p>

<p>I also question how helpful a letter from your guitar teacher will be, if you are not applying for anything related to your musical talent. It might show dedication, but I’m still not sure it’s a good option.</p>

<p>Unless I misunderstand the second-grade thing… I think you should use the Film teacher rec; possibly the second film-teacher rec; and a third rec tbd (not second-grade teacher and not guitar teacher).</p>


<p>Thank for the suggestion, Andale, but I ended up getting the letter from the second grade teacher already. The reason I think it is a good letter to have is because USC looks for applicants that are naturally creative and probably especially those who have been their whole life. This letter shows that I have been a great writer and creative since I was little, and that my love of Film is no gimmick or recent interest. The other two letters should do plenty to show I still have it, so I don’t think it could do anything but help having a letter to represent my younger years.</p>